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Hi, I’m Ericka and I live just outside of Texas with my husband, two active girls and two Frisbee loving Border Collies. I grew up and went to college in the Pacific NW but have lived in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia as well as in Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I have always loved crafting and making things. I recently started working as a Preschool teacher and working with the kids and of course our art time together!

When my oldest was a toddler, we would have craft time. I bought craft supplies for her and we would play with paint and cars and anything else that would make fun patterns in the paint. I then would make cards out of her abstract paintings to send to family and friends. I started researching ways to make different types of cards and pretty sentiments but was stuck on how to get the results. My good friend Jen introduced me to the world of stamping and die cutting (as well as the wide world of card making that I never knew existed). I bought my first die cutting machine in 2012 and have fallen in love with card making, stamps and all the wonderful tools needed to make unique cards. Some of my other passions include: gardening, using my Silhouette Cameo, reading, baking, and any other DIY projects I can get my hands on.  I’m also trying to learn some hand lettering when I get a chance.

I enjoy the artistic expression card making has given me. As a mom, it has been important to find some “me” time that I can create and express myself and as an added bonus hopefully spread some kindness by sending cards to friends and family. It has been so fun being part of such an encouraging and kind crafting community and I look forward to inspiring others.

I’m so excited to participate in these wonderful groups and hope you will be inspired to join in on the challenges and take a look at the blogs.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look. Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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